Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Early Wardrobe

These are examples of some of the clothes I made for my Sylvanian Families back when I was approximately 12 or something.

Simple skirts from trim and lace, as described in the prior post:

In the picture below, Prissy (on the far left) is wearing another simple skirt, and a felt vest. Daisy has on a ridiculous hat I made, a simple shawl, and her skirt is simply a gathered rectangle of fabric (since she doesn't have a tail, it doesn't even have a snap). Bud and Bubba are wearing a couple attempts at pants. Bud is also wearing a cape (or maybe it was originally supposed to be an apron, I don't actually remember).

The baby crew. They are nearly all wearing more attempts at pants; these attempts at pants were based on the (now) standard baby outfit. Hoss, on the far right, is wearing my attempt to duplicate the clothing he came with. I also let my brother draw on the front of it.

Grandma Timbertop wearing another simple skirt (made from slightly wider lace). I'm not quite sure what I was attempting for Bobby Bear.

In the following picture Prissy is wearing an overall dress. It's still a piece of gathered lace for the skirt. Then a piece of braid was sewn on top of the lace for a waist band, and two pieces were sewn on as overall straps. In the center front a small piece of flat lace (binding lace probably) was stitched on between the straps. Coral, second from the right, is wearing a combination skirt and vest: its a small piece of bias binding with two armholes cut out for a vest, and a narrow piece of lace is sewn along the bottom edge of the vest. Daisy is wearing one of my pants attempts using binding lace; the lace makes it look like underwear.

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