Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Early Years

I've taken pictures of my early collection in their original clothing. The clothing is a little worn down; the boys overalls are disintegrating, and the girls skirts have (mostly) lost their straps.

Various members of the Timbertops, Babblebrooks, and Wildwoods formed the early part of my collection. I'm pretty sure Fern Timbertop was one of the first members; she doesn't have her glasses on in the picture.
Hoss and Prissy formed a fourth 'family' when I was playing with them, and were both the last members of my early collection (if I recall correctly).

At some point between the beginning and the end of the early years I picked up a couple Maple Town figures as well.

And apparently I managed to convince someone (probably my parents) to buy me a couple extra outfits as well. I have a feeling the blue and red overalls and the pink lace dress were Maple Town items, but I could be wrong. They both have velcro closures like the known Maple Town clothing, and all the early Sylvanian Family clothing closures were snaps. Patty is in her underwear, which is hard to see in the other picture. Prissy has put on a red skirt; although now that I look at it more carefully, it looks like a piece of trim with a snap attached.

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