Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pickleweeds or Brambles?

A while back I mentioned that Barnes and Noble was having a toy sale, and that I had ordered myself the hedgehogs and elephants. Well they showed up within a week of ordering, but I got a bit distracted with posting my slipper pattern and jacket pattern. So I fell even further behind with my posts. Now that I am otherwise caught up with my collection posts, it is time to introduce the Ellwoods and the Pickleweeds:

The fur on the Pickleweeds came out of the box a little mangled (from the holes in the carton),
but re-fluffying their fur with the little brushes they came with mostly seemed to work.

Now, are the Pickleweeds Brambles, or is Peaches a Pickleweed?

Hopefully I should now get back to the sewn clothing posts I've been intending to write.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Voles, Pandas, Koalas, and a Penguin

In August I finally decided to order a few of the Sylvanian Families I wanted, before they cycled out of production when I wasn't paying attention. I really wanted the Sewing with Mother set, so I ended up placing an order with Sylvanian City.

The Sewing with Mother set: Stephanie and Sybil Clearwater, and a cute little sewing machine and accessories.

I also got the Bamboo Family and Billabong Family.
Polar de Burg: I don't like the bottle mouth much, but the penguin is cute.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

London Additions

So last April my boyfriend made a trip to London for work. While there he made the mistake of asking if I wanted anything. So I promptly replied with an ordered list of Sylvanian Families I was interested in. I also gave him a link to, saying that they would carry a larger collection if he couldn't find any in whetever toy stores he was near.

Well, he did go out to their store, and he is still muttering about the hordes of people from the football (US soccer) stadium, which was appearantly at the same train station. In any case, he arrived home with Peaches Bramble, which was very exciting, and said that was all he had room for in his luggage.

Well, a week or so later a box showed up. Appearantly he bought a fair number of the items on my list, and had them shipped. So I acquired the Nettlefields, Underwoods, and Vandykes.

I also got the river crew with Seamouse Twitch, Beaky, and Murky Waters.
And finally, two lone babies: Charlie Moss, and Barry Thistlethorn. Now Prissy has a little brother!

The full London set:

And my complete collection as of mid 2010 (with a rather eccentric collection of clothing).

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Outdoor Chair

At some point I decided to go through all my old dollhouse furniture and see how much of it was correctly sized for Sylvanian Families. I didn't worry much about scale as a kid, and as it turns very little of my furniture was scaled correctly. So I contemplated making appropriately scaled furniture.

During my browsing of articles about making dollhouse miniatures, I came across The Art of Dollhouse Miniatures. This site discusses craft wood supplies that can be used as 'scale lumber', in particular the rather useful "Skinny Sticks" (I picked up a bag at my local Michaels). The site also has instructions for a Garden Lawn Chair.

Well, after looking at some number of miniature Adirondack chairs, I decided to try designing a chair scaled for Sylvanian Families. I also wanted a chair that they could sit in. Because of the way their legs angle, this made the project somewhat more complicated, since the seat needed to be extremely trapezoidal if I wanted the back to look like it was sized for one person rather than two.

The resulting chair is somewhere between the Lawn Chair and an Adirondack chair, and is made from 'Skinny Sticks'. It was stained with a wood stain after gluing all the pieces together. Also, some amount of filing and fiddling was required to get the pieces to fit together the way I thought they should.

I don't have complete step-by-step instructions, but here are the rough plans I made for myself along with a few notes on construction (pdf). I had some difficultly getting the back angled with the armrests actually sitting in the notches for them, so some additional filing may be needed. When printing the pdf out, make sure that it is printing without scaling (nor fitting to page, nor anything else that might cause the sizing to change).

Overall I am pretty happy with the result. My goal is roughly to have furniture the appropriate height: for example, table tops at adult waist height. Thus the legs should probably be a little shorter, so the seat isn't almost at their waist, but its pretty close.