Thursday, December 9, 2010

London Additions

So last April my boyfriend made a trip to London for work. While there he made the mistake of asking if I wanted anything. So I promptly replied with an ordered list of Sylvanian Families I was interested in. I also gave him a link to, saying that they would carry a larger collection if he couldn't find any in whetever toy stores he was near.

Well, he did go out to their store, and he is still muttering about the hordes of people from the football (US soccer) stadium, which was appearantly at the same train station. In any case, he arrived home with Peaches Bramble, which was very exciting, and said that was all he had room for in his luggage.

Well, a week or so later a box showed up. Appearantly he bought a fair number of the items on my list, and had them shipped. So I acquired the Nettlefields, Underwoods, and Vandykes.

I also got the river crew with Seamouse Twitch, Beaky, and Murky Waters.
And finally, two lone babies: Charlie Moss, and Barry Thistlethorn. Now Prissy has a little brother!

The full London set:

And my complete collection as of mid 2010 (with a rather eccentric collection of clothing).


  1. Your boyfriend is so sweet! :D Mine never buy me any sylvanians :( It's nice to see what families your boyfriend thought were the best. I suppose he bought the ones he liked the most from your list :)

  2. Yeah, he's pretty awesome :) I had a list of approximately 16 animals, in five groups of about three; he got me all the items from my top tier group, one from the second tier, and three from the third tier, and one from the fourth tier. But I think some of the creatures I had listed were possibly no longer out, or were not yet available in stores. He did say he thought a lot of the animals, especially the babies, looked pretty similar; so he may have chosen the more distinct looking animals from my list.