Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Slipper Project

One of the Sylvanian Family marketplaces is a shoe shop, and some of the available outfits also come with shoes. I don't recall ever seeing shoes for them when I was younger, but I did try and sew my own slippers and shoes back then. They were pretty poor attempts however.

Inspired by "Crochet Moccasin Slippers" by Sue and "Baby Mary Jane Skimmers" by Sylvia Heddwyn, I decided to try making a pair of slippers with my size 14 hook and embroidery floss.
Tiny - Slipper SideTiny - Slipper Top
The sole was crocheted with two strands of floss, and the sides and top were crocheted with one strand of floss. (link to Ravelry project)

Based on the success of the first pair of slippers, I decided all my Sylvanian Families needed new shoes. So I started "The Slipper Project". So far I have completed two additional pairs of slippers, and Coral now has shoes to match her dress:
Coral's new shoes

I made these based on a pattern diagram I quickly sketched out on some paper. I need to double check that I didn't make modifications after the initial diagram, and then I plan to post the pattern.


  1. I LOVE the shoes! you did a great job cause they seem to fit perfectly, as if they came with the Sylvanian!

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